jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Mexican police arrest "community policemen," two found hanged in western Mexico

Two men were found hanging from a bridge in the district of Buenavista Tomatlán in the western Mexican state of Michoacán on 14 May, in a suspected execution by one of the drug cartels, Proceso reported on 15 May. The two had been shot in the head and a message was left hanging on the bodies; they were provisionally identified as possible members of the local self-defence group or community police. Residents of rural districts in several parts of Mexico have formed such groups in a bid to fight criminal activities; Proceso observed that the community police in Buenavista and several districts of Michoacán were confronting one of the main cartels, Jalisco Nueva Generación. Municipal police separately detained in Michoacán on 15 or 16 May 12 members of the self-styled community police as they travelled on the road between Los Reyes and Peribán, Milenio reported. Firearms including assault weapons were confiscated and the men were handed over to the army; the Public Ministry had yet to formulate charges against them, the daily reported. Also in Michoacán, some 100 "heavily armed" men "stormed" the municipal government of the district of Coalcomán on 15 May, firing shots inside and taking hostage seven municipal policemen, La Crónica de Hoy reported. The group was also said to have briefly taken hostage and threatened the district mayor. The policemen were later dragged out into the town square where, according to the daily "they were apparently going to execute them," although the army arrived and freed the policemen. A spokesman for the Michoacán state government later identified the gunmen as members of the self-defence group or community police of the Tepalcatepec district north of Coalcomán. The report did not immediately clarify the fate of the armed group.

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