domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Colombian police arrest gang bosses at "summit"

Police forces arriving in helicopters bust a meeting of criminal bosses on an estate in western Colombia on 9 November, arresting 27 leading members including the two chiefs of Los Rastrojos, a gang involved in drug trafficking, extortion and murders, EFE reported on 11 November. Members of this gang recently gunned down 10 farm workers, apparently for their employer's failure to pay protection money. The gangsters were meeting outside the town of La Virginia in the Risaralda department to discuss strategies in south-western Colombia, EFE cited Colombia's police chief José Roberto León as saying. The detained included Nelson Mauricio Taborda or Mascota (Pet), who led the Rastrojos following the arrest last July of their chief Diego Pérez Henao, and his deputy dubbed Picante (Spicy), whom the police chief described as "extremely dangerous." He said Picante was thought involved in several murders that included brutal methods like the dismemberment of victims, a practice apparently learned from unspecified Mexican cartels. The gang's chiefs for seven or eight departments of Colombia were reportedly among the 27 held, EFE and El Espectador reported.  The daily cited President Juan Manuel Santos as saying on 10 November that the state had ever-improving intelligence on the workings of such gangs and would keep arresting new leaders "as they emerge."

Sixteen killed, "tortured" in two days in Mexico

Eleven people were reported killed or found dead in gun fights and assassinations in different states of Mexico on 8 and 9 November, Proceso reported. These included: two presumed criminals chased and shot dead by police in the northern city of Coahuila after they burned police cars being repaired in a workshop, four gunmen shot dead by the army in a gun fight in the north-eastern district of Tamaulipas on 8 November, and two men thought burned to death in a car in the east-coast city of Acapulco. A message found by the car alleged they were kidnappers and extortionists. A police official was also killed in a shootout in Zapopan, by the western city of Guadalajara. On 10 November police found in a car in the northern state of Chihuahua the bodies of three boys aged 20, 16 and 14,"visibly tortured" and with shot wounds, Milenio reported. They were left on the road between the districts of Parral and Jímenez, and had been reported as kidnapped in Parral on 8 November; one of the dead was the subject of an arrest warrant relating to a murder committed in March 2012 the north-western state of Durango. Milenio reported at least two other violent deaths in northern Mexico that day. In the Estado de México state outside the capital, police detained on 10 November 10 presumed members of the criminal gang Caballeros TemplariosProceso reported, citing Notimex. The chief prosecutor of the state Miguel Ángel Contreras Nieto was reported as saying that the detained confessed to taking part in "at least" three kidnappings, two assassinations and to extorting money from discotheques and bars in the districts of Valle de Chalco and Ixtapaluca where they were detained. Police freed a man kidnapped by the group.