martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

AIDS infections rise in Bogotá, 18 infected daily in Colombia

Between 50 and 70,000 Colombians were thought to be unwitting carriers of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, while authorities estimated the daily rate of infection nationwide to be 18, media reported on 1 December, World Aids Day. While Colombian authorities gave 67,000 as the number of infected individuals yet to be tested, the head of the UNAIDS in Colombia told Caracol radio that some 50,000 people were likely HIV-positive who "do not know or do not want to know" their status. Of the 18 thought infected every day, five were in Bogotá, which showed a 14 per cent increase in infections from the previous year, the broadcaster RCN La Radio reported, citing the city's chief health officer Mauricio Bustamante. Mr Bustamante said some 1,411 people were registered as infected in Bogota in 2014 - 85 per cent of them being men - though he said the figure was likely twice that. The Colombian Health Ministry stated on that day that since the first diagnosis in 1985 to 1 December 2013, there were 92,379 registered cases of AIDS, 71 per cent of these among men. The greatest number of infections occurred in the 25-29 age group, followed by the 20-24, then 30-34 years age groups, El Espectador cited the Health Ministry as stating.