miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Honduran leader checks security on buses

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa boarded several buses in Tegucicalpa on 9 October to check on a recent initiative to have soldiers assure security on buses, El Heraldo reported. Honduras has one of the world's highest crime rates. Lobo spoke to passengers and said troop numbers on buses could increase; his presence reportedly provoked congestion on the Bulevar Centroamérica, one of the capital's traffic arteries. On 28 September Lobo personally inaugurated the plan to have two soldiers or two policemen on every bus for 20 routes in Tegucicalpa and the northern suburb of Comayagüela, El Heraldo reported. "People tell me they take a very positive view of soldiers being there, and feel safer," he said as he came off a bus on 9 October. The government began to place security cameras on buses in February 2012.

Family of seven shot dead in Guatemala

Seven relatives including a three-month baby were shot dead by a ten-member gang as they slept at home early on 9 October, in the Villa Canales district south of Guatemala City, Prensa Libre reported on 10 October. Neighbours speculatd over the motives of the massacre, cited alternately as a land dispute or punishment for thieving attributed to the family. Police reportedly identified two of the victims as "suspected delinquents" though details were not given; neighbours had accused family members of stealing crops or robbing schoolteachers "especially," using toy pistols. Five relatives survived the massacre including a child of four. Other crimes reported in Guatemala included: three plantation workers shot dead on a bus early on 10 October in the Coatepeque district of western Guatemala, and the owner of a discotheque and son of the former mayor of Esquipulas in eastern Guatemala shot as he drove a car there, which led him to crash into a church. Two men were also found dead in a car in Ciudad Guatemala on 9 October, Prensa Libre reported.

Eight reported killed around Mexico

"At least" eight people were killed in violent incidents in four states of Mexico on 9 October, including a 16-year-old girl gunned down from a car in the northern city of Torreón, Proceso reported that day. Another victim was a 75-year-old man apparently strangled to death in the north-western town of Santiago Papasquiaro. Suspected criminals separately burned 20 police cars and confiscated vehicles in a police parking in Fresnillo in the north-central state of Zacatecas, Proceso reported on 9 October.

Gang urges "Mexicans" to fight new cartel chief

A Mexican gang urged Mexicans to "confront" The Zetas drug cartel and "eliminate" the man likely to lead them after troops shot dead its leader Heriberto Lazcano on 7 October. The "Knights Templars" or Caballeros Templarios put up narcomantas - large sheets or posters gangs hang in public locations with messages - urging "civil society" or "all Mexicans" to inform on Miguel Angel Treviño Morales - Z-40 - now the leading Zeta, Proceso reported on 9 October. Certain messages placed in districts in the western states of Guanajuato and Guerrero denounced the "terrorist actions" of The Zetas "these beasts of evil." The Zetas habitually use violence as part of their criminal activities in Mexico and Central America. Other sheets reportedly seen in southern Guerrero urged Mexicans to help the Caballeros Templarios "eliminate" Z-40. The bodies of Lazcano and another suspected gangster killed with him were stolen from a mortuary by masked men, apparently the day they were killed, although authorities were confident they were correctly identified. President Felipe Calderón thanked the marines on 9 October for killing one of Mexico's "most sought-after criminals," Proceso reported.