sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Twenty six reported killed around Mexico

It was one of Mexico's more violent days: more than 25 were reported killed or found dead on 1-2 November, including four whose dismembered bodies were left outside a police station with a warning message. Presumed cartel members left the bodies in a car boot outside a federal police station in the northern city of Torreón, with a message to the "asshole" police to "keep still" or there would be more violence, the review Proceso reported on 2 November. Also in Torreón, gunmen fired on a congregation attending a "service" or ceremony in honour of the figure of Holy Death, killing six in the group. The cult of Holy Death (Santa Muerte), depicted as a squeleton clad in robes not unlike those of the Virgin Mary, has in recent years emerged as a pseudo-religion followed mostly by the lower classes and criminals. In the west-coast state of Guerrero, four members of a family were shot dead at home late on 1 November, in the countryside of the Coyuca de Benítez district; a decapitated body was also left in a car in the nearby district of Acapulco, Milenio reported. In the state's Ajuchitlán de Progreso district, troops rescued a man kidnapped by a gang on 31 October and arrested nine suspects including four teenagers, Milenio reported on 2 November. The purported gang of kidnappers included four members aged 16 and one aged 19. In Cancún on Mexico's Caribbean coast, a 15-year-old boy and suspected thief was shot dead outside his home, at dawn on 1 November. The boy was reputedly "very violent" and had been reported several times to the police for thieving and assaults, Milenio reported. Police detained his mother, an uncle and a brother for questioning. His mother said she came out of the house and found his lifeless body, after she heard gun shots then her son "muttering."