martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Over 30 reported killed in Medellín

At least 31 were reported killed in Medellín and its environs in what Caracol television termed the "violent weekend" of 8-10 March, although the broadcaster observed the number of deaths may be 34 as two of the victims were pregnant women and another was declared brain-dead. Police attributed the deaths to incidents relating to extortion, gang fights and drug trafficking. Five of the victims were women including a 16-year-old girl killed in Envigado outside the city, Caracol reported. The victims may also have included a 60-year-old man reported beaten to death by neighbours on the night of 9-10 March, after he sought to rape his seven-year-old step-daughter. The girl's mother alerted neighbours when the man returned home drunk and "sought to sexually abuse" the child, El Espectador reported on 10 March. The weekend victims apparently did not include two men reported shot dead in Medellín late on 11 March or early on 12 March; two children were also injured in gang violence in Medellín on 11-12 March, one being a six-year-old boy accidentally shot in the knee, Caracol television reported.

Colombian troops kill, detain FARC guerrillas

The army shot dead two and detained six presumed fighters of Front 33 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on 11 March, in operations in the district of Convención the Norte de Santander department, north-eastern Colombia, the broadcaster Caracol reported. The two were suspected of having left an unspecified number of car bombs in several localities in that department in preceding days, Caracol reported, citing army declarations. The army shot dead at an unspecified date two other suspected guerrillas in the countryside of the district of Caucasia in the northern Antioquia department, Caracol reported on 11 March. It cited these as among the 10 presumed guerrillas killed by the army in Antioquia since it began its Sword of Honour (Espada de Honor) operations in December 2012. The Defence Ministry reported on 11 March the detention at an unspecified date of a suspected member of the FARC's Southern Block and another fighter's voluntary surrender, both in southern Colombia. The guerrilla who surrendered was identified by his nom de guerre, Pedro, and described as a member of the FARC's Eastern Block; he surrendered to soldiers in the town of San Vicente in the department of Caquetá. The detainee was a suspected member of the FARC's "support networks" in southern Colombia; he was caught in a rural part of the Puerto Caicedo district in Putumayo. In the district of Florencia in Caquetá, troops disposed of a roadside bomb thought placed by the FARC in the locality of Venecia, and separately arrested a man driving with 21 kilograms of unprocessed cocaine paste, in the locality of Santo Domingo in Florencia, the Ministry reported on 11 March.