jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

Mexico's Interjet begins flights between Bogotá and Mexico City

The Mexican airliner Interjet, which covers routes inside Mexico and the American continent, began from 11 July direct flights between Mexico City and Bogotá, moving to exploit an anticipated increase in travel between the two states, members of the Pacific Alliance trading block. Interjet was to fly once every day, leaving Mexico City before 10:00 a.m and returning from Bogotá at 15:25, Mexico's El Universal newspaper reported, citing comments by the Interjet CEO José Luis Garza. The Interjet website was initially promoting tickets "from" a little over 520 USD, which at first glance seemed cheaper than similar flights operated by the Colombian airline Avianca. Interjet moved some 7.2 million passengers on all its routes in 2012, El Universal reported. It separately cited Mexico's travel monitoring system as counting a 30 per-cent increase in the number of Colombians who flew into Mexico, from 125,882 in 2011 to 163,072 in 2012.