miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Mexican NGO lists "50 most violent cities" of 2015

The Citizens' Council for Public Security and Penal Justice, a Mexican non-governmental organization that monitors crime, recently issued its 2015 statistics on criminal killings in big cities worldwide, citing the Venezuelan capital Caracas as the city with most homicides in 2015. Media noted how Caracas has managed to supplant San Pedro Sula in Honduras, which for four years was cited as the most murderous of all cities. The findings corroborate the regular, and dire, reports on worsening crime in Venezuela, the incipient results of the Honduran government's fight against crime, and the steady fall in murders reported across Colombia in recent years. The website summarised its findings with a list of 50 cities of 300,000 or more inhabitants with most homicides expressed as a rate of killings per 100,000 inhabitants, and provided a longer report for downloading in Pdf format. Caracas had a rate of 119.87 homicides/100,000 inhabitants, followed by San Pedro Sula with 111.03, San Salvador with 108.54, Acapulco 104.73 and Maturín in Venezuela with 86.45. Of the 50 "most violent cities in the world" in 2015, 21 were in Brazil, it noted, and eight in Venezuela, though the rate, it clarified, is higher in Venezuela than in Brazil. The average rate of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in Venezuelan cities of more than 300,000 residents was 74.65, and Brazil's, 46.31, it noted. The list of 50 excluded emblematic cities like Mexico City, Bogotá and Medellín, and included with respective rates/100,000 inhabitants:

6. Central District (Tegucicalpa), Honduras, population 1,199,802 (73.51)
10. Cali, Colombia, population 2,369,821 (64.27)
17. Culiacán, Mexico, pop. 923,546 (56.09)
25. Guatemala City, pop. 3,239,185 (47.17)
28. Detroit, pop. 672,193 (43.89)
29. New Orleans, pop. 395,710 (41.44)
35. Tijuana, Mexico, pop. 1,708,679 (39.09)
43. Porto Alegre, Brazil, pop. 4,258,926 (34.73)
44. Curitiba, Brazil, pop. 3,230,061 (34.71)
50. Obregón, Mexico, pop. 318,184 (28.29)