miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Murders reach a record in Venezuela in 2015

With a record 27,875 reported homicides in 2015, Venezuela remained that year one of the most violent states of the Americas and the setting of 19 per cent of the 145,000 homicides committed across the continent. The Venezuelan Crime Observatory (OVV), which gave the figures, expressed the figure as giving a homicide rate for 2015 of 90 per 100,000 inhabitants, and cited worsening economic conditions as one reason for proliferating crime in 2015, the Diario de las Américas reported on 29 December. The NGO's figures showed that total murders in Venezuela began to exceed 20,000 a year from 2012 when they reached 21,692. The figure given for 2014 was 24,980, even as similar indices were declining in other Latin American states. OVV also cited the "deterioration" and politicization of security forces, and an increase in private security as other factors boosting violence. In and around the capital Caracas, the number of criminal killings in 2015 was likely a little below or around 5,000, based on the number of corpses taken to the main morgue, Bello Monte. The newspaper El Universal cited on 3 January unnamed sources in the criminal police force CICPC, as estimating that 90 per cent of bodies taken to Bello Monte were of victims of violence, and reported 5,258 as the total of corpses brought in in 2015. The figure for 2014 was 5,059. December is cited as traditionally the most violent month of the year, in part for increased drunkenness in the final days of the month. The body count in Greater Caracas for December 2015 was given as 488 (with 90 per cent estimated to be victims of violence), with March and May following as the most murderous months, respectively with 485 and 468 bodies brought then into Bello Monte. Crime resiliently continued into the new year, as El Universal reported 24 bodies being brought into Bello Monte on 1 and 2 January (to midday).