martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015

Honduran officials, university welcome significant fall in homicide rates

Honduran officials were confident the country would have fewer criminal deaths in 2015 than it did in 2014, confirming a downward trend in violent crime that has apparently coincided with the presidency of the conservative President Juan Orlando Hernández. The country's police authorities gave the projected figure of 5,039 homicides for all of 2015, 852 less than 5,891, the figure given for all homicides reported for 2014, La Prensa reported on 28 December. The projection meant a 14.4 per cent drop in the homicides rate in 2015, leaving a daily rate of 13.8 this year, compared to 14 in 2014. The daily cited 20 as the daily murder rate in 2011-12. The figures were taken from the Security ministry and the National Autonomous University's (UNAH) criminal studies center, the Observatorio de la Violencia. President Hernández was reported as saying he was "happy but not yet satisfied" with this fall; he had promised to fight crime when campaigning in late 2013. Separately, the head of the UNAH crime observatory Migdonia Ayestas was cited on 28 December as giving a homicide rate of 61 per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide for 2015, down from a rate of about 68 in 2014. She concurred with the government that Honduras was seeing a significant fall in homicides rate, though some figures she cited appeared to differ from those of authorities. The daily Proceso cited her as giving 5,935 as the number of all reported homicides in Honduras from January "until November" 2014, which apparently exceeded the above figure (5,891) for the year. She said the reduction of homicide rates was a unique achievement; she said "no country in the world has done this as Honduras has."