lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Thirteen "said killed" in Caracas police raids

Venezuelan police and agents may have killed 13 suspects during a vast operation against drug dealing and armed theft in south-western Caracas on 11 December, though officials did not confirm the number. The daily El Universal provided the figure citing "unofficial sources inside the security forces," observing that the Interior Minister Gustavo González López counted only one person as killed, identified as a man sought in relation with a policewoman's killing. The sweep, called a People's Liberation Operation and involving 2,430 officers and ministry staff, covered seven localities including Cota 905, 1 de Mayo, El Cementerio and Barrio el 70. The operation was part of a wider anti-crime push begun in July, the online daily 2001 reported. The capital has one of the highest crime rates in the Americas. Another national daily, El Nacional, reported that some 184 bodies had been taken to the Bello Monte morgue in Caracas in the period 1-13 December, with 31 bodies arriving on the weekend of 11-13 December. The count is taken as an informal indicator of violent deaths in the capital.