martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Reports show preliminary Mexican poll results

Preliminary results for Mexico's legislative elections held on 7 June revealed, with just over 93 per cent of votes counted, that the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was the most voted party followed by the conservative National Action Party (PAN), as observers had anticipated. INE's website and Canal Once showed on 9 June that the PRI had thus far garnered 10.660,241 votes (29.1 per cent of all votes counted) for the national assembly, PAN 7,651,270 votes (20.89 per cent), the leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) 3,967,636 votes (10.83 per cent), Morena, the party of the former PRD leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador 3,068,086 votes and the Green Party allied to PRI 2,587,888. The Citizens Movement, a protest party similar to European formations like Podemos, had won 2,196,850 votes (5.99 per cent of votes counted by 9 June). Also on 9 June, the daily Excelsior put its estimate of the parliamentary seats preliminary results would give the parties, which showed 158 seats going to the PRI/Green alliance, 25 to PRI alone, 56 for PAN, 11 for Citizens and 14 for Morena. The 7 June elections were also for the capital's assembly and its 16 delegational or district mayors, and for nine state governorates. Excelsior showed PRI gubernatorial candidates as ahead in five states.