martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

Colombia strikes at the FARC, front commander said killed

In different actions around Colombia, the army killed over 35 fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), while two civilians were killed in one fighting incident in the southern department of Caquetá. An air and land assault on 22 May killed 26 FARC rebels in the district of Guapí in Cauca, south-western Colombia, the BBC reported. The broadcaster noted this was the state's deadliest action after it ended its suspension of air bombings against the FARC in April, following a murderous attack on soldiers that month. The Defence Ministry stated on 23 May that 10 FARC rebels were killed in operations in Segovia in Antioquia against "drug trafficking, illegal mining and extortion." The ministry said troops confiscated arms, ammunition and intelligence material following the fighting. Air Force bombings in the north-western department of Chocó separately killed four FARC fighters, including a captain dubbed Román Ruiz, identified as supreme head of the FARC's Front 18. The operation took place in the district of Riosucio and official said FARC casualty numbers might rise, the review Semana reported. The Cali newspaper El País observed that Román Ruiz was once mistakenly declared to have been killed, in 2014.  The army separately shot dead another FARC officer in a gunfight in the southern district of San Vicente del Caguán, though two civilians were also, accidently killed in the shootout. The civilians were identified as "community leaders" and the guerrilla, a fighter dubbed Jaimito, identified as the FARC's local finance chief, Radio Santa Fe reported on 25 May.