jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Bogotá mayor reinstated after court order

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reinstated Bogotá's ousted mayor Gustavo Petro on 22 April, a day after the Bogotá Superior Tribunal quashed the mayor's earlier dismissal and observed the President should have followed the recommendations made to that effect by the Inter American Rights Commission. Colombia's Inspector-General dismissed Mr Petro in December for alleged mismanagement and legal violations when changing the capital's trash collection system. Mr Petro fought the ruling, declaring it to be politicized and a bid by conservatives to remove him, a socialist, from a key office; he abandoned his office on 19 March, but continued his court actions. Mr Santos said he was reinstating Mr Petro in keeping with the law, the BBC reported. Mr Petro's lawyer welcomed the decision, but observed the mayor and his legal team would have to follow the case in the Supreme Court should the Inspector-General's or Presidential offices challenge the court ruling, El Espectador reported. The daily separately reported on possible scenarios facing the mayor and his legal situation in coming months.