jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Mexico and Honduras renew security, migration accord

The presidents of Honduras and Mexico, Juan Orlando Hernández and Enrique Peña Nieto, revived on 2 April a high-level security accord intended to boost collaboration against drug trafficking and give more protection to thousands of Honduran migrants crossing Mexico toward the United States. The two presidents met in Comayagua during a five-hour visit by the Mexican President, and signed the Comayagua Declaration whereby the countries would among other measures, renew the High Level Security Group (Grupo de Alto Nivel sobre Seguridad, GANS) tightening cooperation against drug trafficking, provide greater protection to migrants, but also boost economic programmes to help reduce migration, Tiempo reported on 2 April. Mexico would also back Honduras's entry in the Pacific Alliance free trade zone. Planned measures to help migrants included opening four Honduran consular offices on migration routes, El Heraldo reported. The daily observed that unofficial figures put at 200,000 the number of Honduran migrants crossing or entering Mexico in 2013, about twice as many as the figure for 2012. The migrants it stated, very often became the victims of theft, assault, rape and murder. Separately, a Nicaraguan general pointed to the Caribbean coast of Honduras as one of the main stopeover zones for drug planes heading north, Proceso Digital reported on 2 April, citing EFE. Adolfo Zepeda, Inspector-General of the Nicaraguan Army, said drug planes now avoided Nicaragua and its coasts for its permanent vigilance and the "containment wall" it had created, and Nicaragua had so far in 2014 destroyed no less than 75 secret landing strips on its territory. The daily stated that the Honduran armed forces intended to destroy "between three and five" illegal landing strips weekly.