jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

El Salvador's ruling party ahead after presidential poll recount

El Salvador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal stated that a "definitive" recount of votes cast in the country's presidential elections on 9 March did not significantly change the initial lead claimed by the officialist candidate Salvador Sánchez CerénEl Salvador's El Mundo reported on 13 March. A recount demanded by the right-wing opposition party, ARENA, gave the ruling FMLN party and candidate 1,495,815 votes nationwide, and 1,489,451 to ARENA, meaning 50.11 per cent and 49.89 per cent of votes respectively. With a resolution of ambiguities over several thousand votes, both parties had added slightly to their number of votes but "the proportions did not change compared to the preliminary results" given for 9 March, El Mundo wrote. ARENA's candidate won more votes in the capital San Salvador, 451,176, compared to the FMLN's 439,186 votes. It was not immediately if ARENA would accept the new result. A number of its supporters were reportedly protesting over results on 13 March for the second day, and the party insisted there had been double voting by some electoral observers, allegedly voting at voting stations and in home constituencies. ARENA's presidential candidate Norman Quijano González said his party would denounce before the Tribunal that day some 20,000 "double votes," uncovered he said "on the basis of well-informed sources," El Mundo reported.