viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Pacific Alliance heads set to remove tariffs on most trade

Presidents of the member states of the Pacific Alliance - Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico - were to meet in the historic port of Cartagena de Indias on 10 February for the trade block's eighth presidential summit, and expected to sign a protocol to remove tariffs on 92 per cent of goods traded in their territories. The protocol, which would take effect within two months or later, would exclude for now 400 "sensitive" farming products, or eight per cent of traded goods, like coffee, corn, wheat or beans, Spain's EFE agency reported. Tariffs on those were to be removed in a period of 6-17 years. Costa Rica's President Laura Chinchilla was also to attend the summit on 10 February to sign a "road map" for its adhesion to the Alliance in a period of months, Guatemala's Prensa Libre newspaper reported, citing EFE.