sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Militias occupy districts in western Mexico,

Members of the anti-crime militias formed by rural residents in Mexico moved into eight districts of Guerrero on the Pacific coast on 23 January, arresting 13 suspected extortionists, six of whom were later reported as freed. A spokesman for the Citizens' Security and Justice System (Sistema de Seguridad y Justicia Ciudadano, SSyJC), a militia formed in Ayutla de los Libres on 4 January, said the move - which was similar to militia actions in the neighbouring state of Michoacán - was for the "Federal Government's poor response" to crime in these districts, all near the state capital Chilpancingo, La Crónica de Hoy reported. "Our presence here is because the citizenry in this zone requested it, because it is tired of extortions every day...and kidnappings," said Gonzalo Torres of SSyJC. Militiamen were said to be checking vehicles between the cities of Chilpancingo and Acapulco, considered two crime hubs, and effetively controlled the eight districts according to the mayor of Chilpancingo. These were Buena Vista, El Rincón, Mohoneras, Dos Caminos, Carrizal, La Haciendita and Ocotito. An assembly of 200 militiamen meeting in Ocotito later had released six of the detailed, and admitted 18 men and 6 women into the militias, Milenio reported on 25 January. The Chilpancingo mayor was cited as saying that the militias arrived looking for a particular gang of extortionists, and had names of individuals they were looking for at road blocks set up in the districts. Separately, a militia leader from the state of Michoacán, Stanislao Beltrán Torres, told Mexico's Excelsior Television that militias would consider working in a legal framework devised by authorities, only after Michoacán was cleansed of organised crime. He was apparently responding to calls to that effect made by Mexico's President. To become policemen Mr Beltrán said, "we need certain characteristics...we would need...training; right now we cannot. But willingly, when...Michoacán is cleansed of organised crime," Excelsior reported.