miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Troops detain two guerrillas in Colombia, President orders operations pursued

Colombian troops caught two guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) amid ongoing Army operations, which President Juan Manuel Santos insisted would continue until a peace deal were signed with the FARC. The two were caught in the district of Villavicencio and in Medellín, and sought for their suspected role in the killing of 10 soldiers in Fortul in the department of Arauca in October 2011, Caracol radio reported on 21 January. The Army separately found over 930 kilograms of explosives thought to belong to the FARC, hidden in the forest between Cali and the district of Dagua to its north. It declared it had confiscated around 1,200 kilograms suspected FARC explosives in the preceding week, Cali's El País and EFE reported on 21 January. President Santos said in Madrid, Spain, on 21 January that operations against the FARC would continue alongside peace talks in Havana, Radio Santa Fe reported. He said maintaining military pressure was the way to swiftly reach an agreement with the FARC; "the military offensive will continue until we reach agreements, as if there were no talks in Havana...to the negotiators I have said: hasten the talks as if there were no military offensives in Colombia," he said.