jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

Colombia sees sharp fall in Christmas killings in 2013, scuffles increased

Police in Colombia reported about half as many killings in the country on Christmas Eve as in 2012, while deaths for drunken driving fell 83 per cent to zero, media reported. Thirty six people were registered as killed in Colombia on Christmas Eve, compared to 87 for that day in 2012, Caracol radio reported on 26 December, citing the National Police chief General Rodolfo Palomino. The figure however appeared to be higher than those cited the previous year, and lower than in 2011. It was not immediatley clear why, but figures for 2012 may have been adjusted later. Scuffling increased on Christmas Eve 2013, at a time of the year when people drink more alcohol, and 5,396 such fights were registered from the evening of 24 December to dawn on 25 December, El Colombiano reported. These appeared to be less harmful than in 2012 however as 103 people were reported injured, compared to 266 for the same evening in 2012. Police held around 185 people on Christmas Eve, of whom 20 were suspected as involved in a killing, and confiscated 61 firearms. General Palomino said people's "conduct is getting better every day, especially for the information given by Colombians, who told Police what was happening."