miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

Colombian troops detain two FARC guerrillas, over 60 gangsters held

Colombia's Minister of Defence Juan Carlos Pinzón said on 24 December that troops had captured two guerrillas of the communist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in operations in north-western Colombia and may have killed two FARC commanders in a shootout. He was speaking in the north-western district of Carepa in the department of Antioquia; troops were carrying out operations against the FARC's Front 57, active between the departments of Antioquia and Chocó on the Pacific coast. Mr Pinzón said the detained included the Front's "security chief" - a guerrilla dubbed Pascual - and it was "very probable" troops had killed the Front's second and third-in-commands, respectively dubbed Malicia and Galeno. Troops were looking for their bodies in a river he said. He added that Police were separately carrying out raids in the northern part of Antioquia against the Úsuga, a gang working with or a part of one of the country's main criminal gangs, Los Urabeños. "I can tell you that in the last week there have been 51 detentions from this structure," and police had confiscated from them items including firearms and the equivalent of over USD four million. It was not immediately clear if he meant the Urabeños or their local collaborators, although at least 12 members of the Urabeños were reported caught days earlier in the northern district of Villanueva. The figure given by the Minister may have included some of the more than 60 suspected members of Los Urabeños and the Rastrojos reported caught in "simultaneous" raids in several districts. Forty nine members of the Rastrojos were caught in northern coastal districts, in Bogotá and in Pereira west of the capital, and 13 members of the Urabeños detained in the south-western port of Buenaventura, Bogotá's Radio Santa Fe reported 22 December.