martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Colombian troops shoot, detain FARC guerrillas

Troops and police shot two guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), one of whom was suspected of having ordered a bomb attack in Bogotá in June 2012, and detained four more in recent actions around Colombia, media reported. Police killed two guerrillas in an undated shoutout in the western district of Santander de Quilichao south of the city of Cali, including one identified as a captain of the FARC's Sixth Front, Diego Fernando Tabares or El Paisa, suspected to have planned a 2012 bomb attack that sought to kill the politician Fernando Londoño, Radio Santa Fe reported on 15 December. The two were among 15 or more guerrillas travelling in a van or truck; the fate of the others was not immediately clear. In the northern department of Bolívar, troops caught the guerrilla dubbed Elías, identified as "security chief" of the FARC's Front 37. He was arrested after a shoutout in the district of Montecristo, Caracol radio reported on 16 December, citing army declarations. The Army caught on 15 December three other FARC fighters sought for killing five policemen and stealing cash when they attacked a helicopter in 2002, Radio Santa Fe reported on 16 December. They were identified as members of the Esteban Ramírez Front, though it was not immediately clear where they were caught.