domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Bogotá Mayor restricts liquor sales in parts of capital, to April 2014

Bogotá's Mayor Gustavo Petro Urrego restricted alcohol sale and drinking in 12 "sensitive" sectors of the Colombian capital for four months, in a bid to reduce brawls, accidents and deaths resulting from drink-induced violence, El Colombiano reported on 7 December. The measure is not unprecedented, and liquor restrictions are intermittently imposed especially to coincide with football matches. The mayor banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in liquor shops and similar outlets in 13 areas of the city, from 21:00 hours to 10:00 a.m. the next day on weekend days and holidays, until the month of April, the daily reported. The zones seemed located in Bogotá's southern, western and northern peripheries, and excluded middle-class areas such as Chapinero, where many bars and restaurants are located. Zones cited included Tibabuyes, Bosa Central, Jerusalén, Patio Bonito, Diana Turbay and el Porvenir. From 1 January to 12 November 2013, the 12 zones cited were the setting for 34 per cent of the 1,055 murders reported in the city (358 killings), of 25 per cent of the 8,855 injuries caused in incidents such as brawls, and of 10 per cent of the 22,032 muggings reported in Bogotá, Radio Santa Fe reported on 6 December.

Two FARC attacks kill eight, injure over 50 in Colombia, guerrilla arrested

A bomb attack early on 7 December by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) killed eight people in the south-western Colombian department of Cauca and injured 42, Caracol television and EFE reported that day. Presumed members of the FARC's Sixth Front threw explosive cylinders onto a police station, which collapsed onto soldiers and policemen inside but also caused the deaths of two civilian neighbours of the building. President Juan Manuel Santos qualified this as a "crazy terrorist attack," writing on the website Twitter. On 4 December the FARC injured 11 infantrymen when they threw a grenade at a truck carrying 18 soldiers, in the south-western district of Tumaco near the frontier with Ecuador, Radio Santa Fe reported on 5 December. The Army attributed that attack to the FARC's Daniel Aldana column. A man identified as a captain in the Daniel Aldana column, a fighter dubbed Mario lata, was separately arrested in Ecuador, at an unspecified date, Radio Santa Fe reported on 6 December, citing the Minister of Defence Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno. Mr Pinzón said the detained was sought by Interpol on murder and other charges, and was thought involved in a bomb attack on a police station in Tumaco two years earlier.