lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Colombian troops shoot dead 10 guerrillas, councilman shot at petrol station

Colombian troops shot dead 10 purported guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) including one of their field captains, in operations near the Venezuelan frontier on 24 November, El Espectador and Spain's EFE agency reported. This was a joint operation by Navy, Army and Air Force troops in a rural part of the district of Tame; the Army cited the target to have been the ELN's Domingo Laín Front, active in Tame and the nearby districts of Fortul and Saravena and said responsible for attacks against state infrastructures and civilian targets. Troops confiscated arms, munition and documents after the action while two purported ELN fighters identified as Carlos and Fabián were arrested, El Colombiano reported. The daily also cited a city councilman of the Arauca department, which includes Tame, as saying that 80 municipal councillors would resign their posts if the Government did not act against the "threats" local officials faced. The comments fllowed the murder of a councilman in the town of Saravena on 21 November. Uriel Peña, head of a departmental municipal councillors' association said "fear and uncertainty" were the order of the day in Arauca and councillors would report the state's "abandonment" of Arauca to international bodies. The Saravena councilman Donaldo Sánchez was reported shot in that town while refuelling at a petrol station, in an incident immediately attributed to the ELN,  Bogotá's Radio Santa Fe reported on 22 November. The broadcaster cited the mayor of Saravena John Freddy Peña Feria as saying that Mr Sánchez had earlier received repeated death threats from the ELN. The Governor of Arauca called for a march through Saravena on 27 November to condemn such violence.