viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Mexican authorities detain cartel members, kidnapping gang

Mexican special forces detained on 30 October 16 suspected members of the Gulf Cartel in north-eastern Mexico including a 27-year-old identified as the cartel's "head of operations" in an unspecified area outside the district of Coahuila, the review Proceso reported on 30 October. The suspects or some of them were arrested as they drove in two cars in Coahuila. The local cartel chief confessed to killing three people including a policeman the day before whose body was one of two found hanging from a bridge in the city of Saltillo. Assault weapons and ammunition were confiscated. Five people were reported shot or found dead in Coahuila on 31 October, including three gunmen shot by police and an 18-year-old girl found legless at the back of a car, Proceso reported. On 29 October police arrested outside the Caribbean resort of Cancún a 25-year-old identified as head of the Gulf Cartel for the state of Quintana Roo where the resort is. The Quintana Roo judiciary was to charge the detainee with no less than 15 homicides, Proceso reported on 30 October. Police separately detained 12 suspected kidnappers in two different incidents on 31 October in the south-central state of Morelos, freeing six individuals in the process. The suspects were detained in the districts of Temixco and Jiutepec where five of the victims including two children or teenagers were held on an estate.

El Salvador buys 10 warplanes to boost security, sovereignty

El Salvador signed an agreement on 30 October to buy 10 second-hand fighter planes from Chile for USD eight million, to be used in fighting drug trafficking and to "intercept hostile carriers when these enter the national territory," according to El Salvador's Minister of Defence David Munguía Payés. The purchase came as officials of both states insisted in recent weeks on their respective rights over the disputed island of Conejo in the Gulf of Fonseca. El Salvador would also pay USD 570,000 for the A-37B Drangonfly warplanes to be delivered in the first half of 2014; the sale was reportedly agreed on earlier and paid for with financial assistance from the United States. General Munguía said spare parts were included and the planes were useful another 10 to 15 years "depending on the use" made of them, the Salvadorean daily El Mundo reported on 31 October. He cited as hostile "carriers" planes carrying drugs, but said El Salvador also ahd to exercise its sovereignty over 200 square miles of marine territory for which the state did not have enough ships; "if we do not exercise sovereignty over our territory it is as if it were not our territory," he said. El Salvador and Honduras claim they own the Conejo island, although El Salvador's President recently said there was little it could do for now to enforce its claim. The Honduran President Porfirio Lobo said on 18 October that the island was Honduran "property" and could not be negotiated, Nicaragua's El Nuevo Diario reported.