jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Police look on respectfully as pop star paints graffiti on Bogotá tunnel

Police in Bogotá were criticised on the Internet for allowing the 19-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber and an entourage to daub graffiti onto a tunnel in downtown Bogotá late on 30 October, when such conduct would land ordinary Colombians into trouble. The report would very likely have reminded Colombians of the case of Diego Felipe Becerra, a teenager shot by the Bogotá police in 2011 after he was caught painting graffiti. No such treatment was given to Mr Bieber who performed a concert in Bogotá on 29 October and was pictured in dailies painting the tunnel wearing a hooded tracksuit top, RCN radio reported on 31 October. The graffiti was reportedly described by certain fans on the Internet as a gift to Bogotá. The act was filmed by the capital's City TV, reportedly to the Bieber party's irritation. Police had to remind them media were free to report the news, Vanguardia Liberal and EFE agency reported. The National Police chief General Rodolfo Palomino was cited as saying that attitudes to graffiti should evolve as it was the "expression of a feeling...a motivation." News readers' reactions to the report were generally of contempt.