martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Body sees decline in most reported crimes in Mexico City

Mexico City's Citizens Council for Public Security (Consejo Ciudadano de Seguridad Pública y Procuración de Justicia), a civil-society body providing information and advice on crime in Mexico City, reported a fall in "high impact" crimes reported in the capital in the first eight or nine months of 2013, although it cautioned its figures excluded unreported crimes. Many if not most crimes are not reported in Mexico.The Council noted in a report from 21 October a 15.3 per cent fall year-on-year "from January to September" in 14 crimes including killings, violent theft, house thefts and kidnappings, the website Animal Político reported on 22 October; it was not immediately clear if this was to the start or end of September 2013. The Council's president Luis Wertman Zaslav was cited as saying that homicides declined 4.4 per cent in the period considered compared to 2012 - from 585 reported cases to 559 - and kidnappings fell 11.1 per cent, from 45 to 40 reported cases. The greatest fall, 47.3 per cent, was in taxi thefts or muggings, which went from 526 reported cases to 277. Reported cases of "deliberate injuries" (lesiones dolosas) rose 15.4 per cent from 918 to 1,059. La Crónica de Hoy however cited Mr Wertman as giving this figure for firearms injuries, including through mishandling, and observing it had risen in spite of the municipality's programme of voluntary disarmament. The programme began on 24 December 2012 and had so far brought in more than 8,000 firearms, 488 hand grenades, two "projectiles" and a bomb, La Crónica reported, citing the capital's Public Security Secretariat or police authorities.