jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

Colombian guerrillas surrender to troops, one shot

Four "presumed members of the FARC," guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, surrendered to Navy troops in the western coastal district of Buenaventura in Valle de Cauca at an unspecified date, apparently responding to a government campaign urging local FARC guerrillas to give up their decades-long fight against the state. The Defence Ministry stated on 9 October that with these, 38 members of "narco-terrorist organisations," presumably including the FARC, had so far surrendered in 2013 on Colombia's Pacific coast, though the area was not specified. Separately a field commander and "third-in-command of Front 38" of the FARC surrendered to the Army in the district of Pisba in north-eastern Colombia, El Colombiano reported on 9 October. The guerrilla dubbed Arvey or Chava was described as in charge of recruiting or forcibly recruiting fighters for Front 38 in the Boyacá department that includes Pisba, El Colombiano reported. Late on 8 October troops shot dead a FARC field commander dubbed Mantequillo or Mantequito, in fighting or a shootout in the north-central department of Antioquia. The guerrilla was described as head of the Mario Vélez Front and said to have planned attacks on troops in several parts of Antioquia, Radio Santa Fe reported. Mantequito was armed but wearing civilian clothes when shot, the broadcaster cited "authorities" as stating. On 9 October President Juan Manuel Santos said authorities had information the FARC were planning "terrorist strikes" on "emblematic locations" around Colombia and he ordered a "doubling" of military action against them, El Colombiano reported. Mr Santos specifically ordered the "neutralisation" - killing or capture - of five heads of the FARC's Southern and Eastern blocks, which the daily described as the FARC structures with most. troops and linked to drug trafficking. The blocks were active in the departments of Casanare, Arauca, Meta, Caquetá and Guaviare, El Colombiano reported. Mr Santos was speaking to troops in Larandia in the southern department of Caquetá.