martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Over 105,000 "kidnappings" in Mexico in 2012, "very few" crimes investigated

Mexico's state statistical agency INEGI revealed in a poll issued on 1 October that there were almost 106,000 kidnapping "situations" in Mexico in 2012 - apparently more than all kidnappings reported in the world - 92 per cent of which were not even reported for fear or public distrust of police authorities, media reported. The Instituto Nacional de Estatística y Geografia compiled its "irrefutable" figure of 105,682 kidnappings in various forms in the 2013 Poll on Victimisation and Public Security Perceptions (Encuesta Nacional de Victimización y Percepción sobre Seguridad Pública, ENVIPE), after inquiring with adults members of 95,000 households. The poll found that only 1,317 kidnappings were reported and registered with the Public Ministry or state prosecution service, the daily Milenio reported on 7 October. The figure included "express" kidnappings, but apparently not the 4,007 "forced disappearances" attributed to state agents. Eighty two per cent of those were also not reported nor investigated, the website Animal Político reported on 1 October, citing highlights of the report. Certain INEGI directors clarified when speaking to Milenio television's En 15 programme, that the report was not a count of a strictly-defined criminal category but of "victimisation situations" or a range of incidents respondents had qualified as kidnappings; they included express kidnappings where victims were freed within hours, after being robbed. The report also counted 25,583 homicides in Mexico in 2012, 3,855 more than figures given by the SNSP, an interior ministry agency, Animal Político reported. The report contrasted the figure of 1,702,000 investigations initiated into crimes and lesser offences with the 27,769,000 crimes and offences said to have occurred in 2012. The website observed thus that the state had investigated six percent of all offences in 2012, and that in 94 per cent of its investigations found no culprit.

Colombia detains 19 gang suspects, 500 kilos of cocaine found in truck

Colombian troops and agents of the CTI, part of the state prosecution service, were reported to have detained 19 suspected members of the Urabeños, one of Colombia's main criminal gangs, in raids around the north-central department Antioquia. Six of these were detained inside prisons in Medellín, where they were serving time for other offences, Radio Santa Fe reported on 7 October, citing an unnamed prosecutor. The detained were to face charges including homicide, extortion and criminal conspiracy, the broadcaster reported. Authorities separately found in recent raids around the country criminal material including drugs and ammunition. In El Cruce or Las Cruces in the northern district of El Carmen de Bolívar, police found 500 kilogrammes of refined cocaine in a lorry, described as having a market value of some USD 15 million and thought destined to be shipped to Central America from the Gulf of Urabá on the Caribbean coast, Radio Santa Fe reported on 6 October. The broadcaster reported the same day the destruction of a "complex" of eight drug-making laboratories in Tumaco in the south-western department of Nariño; police suspected the facilities to belong to a unit of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In raids in the north-eastern district of Tame, troops found and destroyed rifles and over 10,300 bullets thought to belong to the FARC's Front 38, the Defence Ministry reported on 6 October.