lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Shining Path guerrillas shot in central Peru

Peruvian forces were reported to have shot dead late on 11 August or early on 12 August two commanders and another fighter of the Maoist Shining Path, the violent guerrilla army successive Peruvian governments have reduced to relative impotence since its heyday in the 1990s. The three "terrorists" were shot in fighting in the department of Ayacucho in south-central Peru, and provisionally identified as the group's deputy-chief, the guerrilla dubbed Comrade Alipio, Comrade Gabriel or Martín Quispe Palomino identified as a deputy-head of troops at least in parts of the country, and an aide to Gabriel dubbed AlfonsoSpain's El País reported, citing Peruvian press reports. President Ollanta Humala was initially cited as asking for DNA tests to confirm the "good news" but was later reported as describing the operation as a "tremendous" and "irreversible blow" against the Shining Path, notorious in the late 1980s for its merciless brutality and associated in recent years with drug trafficking. The bodies were taken for examination to an army base in the department of Cuzco; no soldiers or policemen were reported to have died in the operation. Mr Humala said the Shining Path's "remains" in the area known as VRAEM (the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers) was now "headless" and would have to reconstitute itself, Europa Press reported on 12 August. The former presidents Alan García and Alejandro Toledo congratulated the armed forces for the operation, writing on the websites Facebook and Twitter.

At least 30 reported killed around Mexico

Thirty individuals at least were killed in violent incidents around Mexico in recent days, many being found dismembered or disfigured from gunshots following suspected executions by criminal gangs. Nineteen were reported killed or found dead on 10 August, 10 of these in the northern state of Chihuahua and seven in Sinaloa in north-western Mexico, Milenio reported on 11 August. The seven, earlier reported as kidnapped, were found in a pile in the district of El Fuerte; they had been shot in the face. Two dismembered bodies were found early on 11 August in the district of San Juan del Río in the north-central state of Querétaro, Milenio reported. These appeared to be different from the individual the daily reported as killed in the state or district of Querétaro on 10 August and cited among the 19 victims that day. Police found the two bodies in a van amid "manure and trash," Milenio reported. The dismembered bodies of a man and a woman were found the same day in the locality of San Marcos Huixtoco outside Chalco in Estado de México, Proceso reported, citing the newspaper Reforma. Neighbours found their body parts scattered over a small area, wrapped in canvas, inside cardboard boxes or fitted into a rucksack. On 11 August six people, two of them aged 10 and 15 years, were shot in a house in Tuxpán in the western state of Michoacán, as armed men broke into a gathering there and began to shoot. Ten were injured in the attack and nine others at the gathering managed to hide, Milenio reported on 12 August. Media reported on 10 August that marines had shot dead a suspect identified as killer of Eduardo Moreira Rodríguez, the late nephew of the state governor of Coahuila and son of a previous governor. Moreira, a social worker, was murdered in October 2012. Marines shot the presumed criminal dubbed el Shaggy as he sought to resist being arrested at a birthday party in the locality of La Flor in the northern district of Gómez Palacio; a young woman and her two-year-old son were killed in the shootout, Proceso reported. The Mexican government recently reported a slight drop in all homicides thought related to organised crime or drug cartels, with the figures given being described as nearing those of 2009, Milenio reported on 12 August. The daily cited figures given by the Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SNSP) database, of homicides related to "federal crimes," which presumably excluded common killings. The SNSP counted 865 victims for this category of homicides from 1 to 31 July, and 873 for June; 814 of the dead in July were identified as suspected or presumed criminals and 47 as state agents, Milenio reported.