viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

Colombian army kills FARC captain, gang suspects held

Colombia's Minister of Defence reported the recent killing of a "top level" captain of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and arrests of 10 suspected members of a criminal gang in separate operations, the Ministry website reported on 1 August. Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno told a meeting of Colombian trade chambers in the city of Manizales east of Bogotá, that the guerrilla dubbed Robin was shot dead during army operations in the district of Mesetas in the department of Meta south of the capital. Robin was described as a 24-year veteran of the FARC and commander in Front 52, thought engaged in extortion and "terrorist acts" in various districts. A female guerrilla dubbed Pilar was captured in the operation, the Minister said. Raids in the northern section of the Valle de Cauca department led to the detention of 10 suspected members of the gang Los Rastrojos including the gang chief in several districts of the department, a man dubbed el Paisa, the Minister stated. Mr Pinzón also reported on 1 August the destruction of a FARC camp where army-type uniforms were made for guerrillas in the district of Cumaribo in the western department of Vichada. The camp reportedly belonged to Front 39 of the FARC; a fighter was "neutralised" in the raid, that is killed or detained, the Defence Ministry reported. Another suspected collaborator of the FARC - a woman dubbed la Abuela or the "grandmother" - was arrested in late July in the district of Puerto Rico in Caquetá. She was thought to have provided the FARC with information and extorted money for the FARC in the department, Radio Santa Fe reported on 30 July.