miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

Agency sees slight fall in murders around Mexico over 2011-12

Mexico's state statistical agency INEGI reported on 30 July that there were 26,037 registered homicides in Mexico in 2012, slightly down from the figure of 27,213 for 2011 and interpreted in media as representing a "stagnation" in the incidence of murders in the country. The figures were cited as provisional and taken from police and judicial records, excluding unreported crimes or incidents not classified as crimes. These were the last two years of the presidency of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa of the National Action Party, often blamed for a sharp rise in murderous violence in Mexico for his decision to use force to crush drug cartels and organised crime. INEGI counted 10,452 registered homicides for 2006 when the Calderón presidency began, these falling in 2007 but rising sharply to 14,006 in 2008, to 19,803 in 2009 and to 25,757 in 2010. INEGI cited Mexican states with the most registered homicides in 2012 to be Estado de México with 2,905 homicides, Chihuahua with 2,783, Guerrero on the Pacific coast with 2,684 and the northern state of Nuevo León with 1,835. Registered homicides in Chihuahua actually decreased in 2012, from the 6,407 recorded there in 2010 and 4,500 in 2011. Expressed in terms of the number of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the rate for the country in 2012 was given as 22. States with the highest homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in 2012 were: Guerrero and Chihuahua with 77, Durango and Sinaloa with 48, and Tamaulipas in north-eastern Mexico with 46.