domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Official shot in Cali, bodies found in western Colombia

Gunmen riding a motorbike shot dead a Colombian tax official as he drove to work in the city of Cali on 31 May, Caracol radio reported. The broadcaster observed that the victim Jorge Valencia Daza was the second emloyee of DIAN - the Finance Ministry's tax office - shot dead in preceding days after a female official was shot in Neiva in south-western Colombia. The head of the customs police declared that police had a list of 29 DIAN officials currently facing threats from criminal elements in relation with their work and subject to enhanced security protection, Caracol reported on 31 May. Three unidentified men and a woman were separately found dead in the countryside of the district of Obando in the Valle de Cauca department, Caracol reported on 31 May. The victims were described as "recently arrived" in the region and the motives of their killing were provisionally unknown. The Defence Ministry reported in turn on 31 May that police and troops had detained 13 suspected collaborators of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in the district of Uribe in the Meta department in south-central Colombia. The detained were described as suspected members of logistical support networks for the FARC's 40th, 54th and Abelardo Romero fronts, the Ministry stated.