jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

Politician's son among 20 or more murdered in Mexico

A man detained on 25 September in Escobedo in the northern state of Nuevo León, confessed to police that "his accomplices" murdered in an unspecified time 12 or more people whose bodies were dumped in a nearby well or drainage pipe, Proceso reported on 3 October. Nine bodies were recovered by 3 October in the district of Santa Catarina outside Monterrey. Proceso counted 18 violent deaths that day around the country, including: a dead man found in a car that was blown up in Ecatepec in Estado de México, three bodies found buried on a construction site in the same state, and five gunmen killed in a shootout with police in Piedras Negras near the US frontier. A former police commander was killed in a casino in Mexicali, Baja California, and armed men entered a house in Culiacán, north-western Mexico, shooting dead two brothers named Juan de Diós and Ramón de Jesús, Proceso reported. Three farm workers including a 78-year-old woman were shot dead late on 3 October, as they left an estate near the district of Jojutla, in the south-central state of Morelos, El Universal reported. The same day, the nephew of the governor of Coahuila and son of a former governor was found dead in the Ciudad Acuña district in the northern state of Coahuila. José Eduardo Moreira Rodríguez, a 26-year-old social worker working with the state government, had been shot for reasons that were not immediately clear, CNNMéxico reported. "They killed my son...a clean young man, a social advocate who worked with the most humble people in Acuña," said his father Humberto Moreira Valdéz. He was governor of Coahuila in 2005-11 and a former president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party; his brother Rubén Moreira Valdéz was the current governor of Coahuila.