domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Ten killed in crimes around Guatemala

Ten people were found dead, mostly shot, in the capital district and around Guatemala in apparent criminal incidents on 22-23 September, the daily Prensa Libre reported on 23 September. They included an elderly landowner shot dead outside a shopping centre north-east of the capital, two young men shot dead with AK-47 assault rifles as they rode their motorbikes in the district of Moyuta near the Pacific coast, and a man in his 20s, found in his underwear and a T-shirt by a river near the capital. Police believe he was a patient from a local psychiatric hospital.

Dismembered bodies found in car in western Mexico

Police found on 22 September seven burned and dismembered bodies inside a car left in western Mexico, in an incident bearing the traits of violence between drug cartels, EFE reported that day. Investigators found 70 human parts at the back of the estate car, found on the road between Venustiano Carranza and Sahuayo de Morelos, in the western state of Michoacán. This and the neighbouring state of Jalisco have become the setting of violent rivalries between several drug cartels. Their governors recently discussed reinforcing police cooperation on the states' frontiers, EFE reported.