lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Seventeen reported killed around Guatemala

Seventeen people were shot dead or found dead on 29-30 July and several others injured following criminal attacks in different parts of Guatemala, Prensa Libre reported on 30 July. The victims included a 26-year-old shot dead in the capital for refusing to hand over his mobile phone to a thief, a 20-year-old security guard shot dead when going home, a 20-year-old shot dead in his grocery shop in Santa Catarina Pinula, a district south of the capital, and two children or teenagers killed in an armed attack in the capital.

FARC guerrillas release pilots, fighting reported

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) released as promised on 30 July the two helicopter pilots they kidnapped earlier in the month, handing them over to mediators in the district of Argelia in the Cauca department, south-western Colombia, Europa Press reported on 30 July. One of the pilots Juan Carlos Álvarez told local media in the departmental capital Popayán that they had been treated well but that "captivity is captivity." His companion Alejandro de Jesús Ocampo said "you never know what is going to happen." Separately, soldiers and FARC guerrillas were reportedly engaged in fire fights on 29 and 30 July around the town of Toribío, in northern Cauca. The FARC began shellling or firing at army positions in the localities of Berlín, La Palma and El Manzano, a few kilometres from the centre of the town of Toribío, Europa Press reported on 30 July.