jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Natives jeer visiting Colombian president

Residents of Toribío in south-western Colombia jeered President Juan Manuel Santos and his ministers on 11 July as they visited their town, the target of harrassment by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and setting of combats between the FARC and troops, EFE reported on 12 July. The residents, mostly of the native Nasa people, have asked troops and guerrillas to leave their ancestral lands in the Cauca department. On 9 July, angered by persistent siege conditions, they destroyed police and FARC positions in and around Toribío. Santos was greeted with chants of "Out, Out" in the town, while only minutes away FARC guerrillas were reported to have fired shots into the air and "waved" at the president, EFE reported. Its correspondent observed guerrilla positions within 10 minutes of the town centre; "we are one kilometre from where the president is," a member of the Front Six of the FARC dubbed Johan told the press in a spot called Río Negro. Santos said after meeting with ministers in Toribío that state troops would not abandon "so much as a centimetre" of the Cauca in spite of demands by the Nasa.