martes, 26 de junio de 2012

"All normal" in Paraguay, says new president

President Luis Federico Franco Gómez said in Asunción on 26 June that "everything is normal" in Paraguay following his predecessor's disputed ouster by parliament, and insisted he took over to avoid civil war, EFE reported. Latin American states have denounced with varying vehemence the 22 June impeachment of Fernando Lugo and mostly withdrawn their ambassadors. Franco - Lugo's former vice-president - told the press the situation was "of its kind" but the government was working and there had been no coup. "There is no police on the streets, there are no troops" he said, and "everything is normal;" his was an "absolutely democratic, constitutional government where the rule of law is paramount, where there is unrestricted freedom." There would be no early polls, he said, and his government would work until general elections scheduled for 21 April 2013. The next government he added should take office on 13 August 2013, "hopefully with a more organized country."