sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

Gunfight kills 10 in northern Mexico, Police hold 21 in state of Tamaulipas

A gunfight between presumed criminal gangs or an assault, left "at least 10" dead in García in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, CNN reported on 19 June, citing state officials. The chief prosecutor of Nuevo León Javier Flores said seven kilograms of drugs and guns were left on site after the shootout, which suggested to investigators that this could have been a clash between criminals, though no gangs were named. Seven of the dead were found where the gunfight occurred - premises belonging to the brewers Corona - and three died later in hospital, CNN reported. The newspaper Milenio reported this as an assault on the premises wherein gangsters demanded money from employees before executing them. On 17 June, CNN reported the arrests of 21 suspected criminals in the district of Río Bravo in Tamaulipas. The detainees included a "right-hand man" of the local gang chief though officials did not name any cartel or gang. The arrests were made at a safe house that yielded 110 kilograms of marijuana, 10 rifles, ammunition and 800 litres of stolen gasoline. Several media outlets were also reporting moves by U.S. authorities to arrest and prosecute the former governor of Tamaulipas Eugenio Hernández Flores for alleged money-laundering and ties to the Zetas drug cartel. A US federal court ordered Mr Hernández and a brother-in-law arrested on 27 May, charging them with illegal activities including hiding bribes paid by the Zetas when Hernández was governor from 2005 to 2010, Milenio reported on 19 June. He was cited as telling the newspaper Reforma that his money in the United States - some four million dollars or more - was "legally" acquired over 25 years before he became governor.

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