domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Worst crimes in Mexico at "steady" rate in January, kidnappings "declined"

The Mexican interior ministry counted 1,287 registered criminal killings (homicidios dolosos) nationwide in January 2015, which was less than January 2014 but broadly similar to monthly murder figures given for 2014, Milenio reported on 21 February. The daily cited figures given by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SNSP), a ministry agency. The SNSP counted 1,272 reported homicides for December 2014. All registered crimes for January 2015 were numbered at 118,207, though such figures always exclude numerous, unreported crimes. The daily provided a comparative monthly chart of murders, kidnappings and extortion for 2014 and January 2015, showing a more notable fall in kidnappings and extortions than murders. Earlier in February, the Citizens Council for Public Security and Penal Justice, an NGO that monitors crimes in Mexico, issued its latest, extensive report on crime trends, with explanations on methodology. The report outlined crime trends in 223 districts with 100,000 or more residents, which in total encompassed about 68 per cent of the Mexican population. Findings included: the district of Cuernavaca south of the capital became the most violent in Mexico, based on an amalgam of criminal activities; for the third year running, Acapulco was the district with the highest murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants (69.6), followed by Chilpancingo (62.95) then El Fuerte (55.17). The national murder rate was 13.3/100,000 inhabitants. El Mante in Tamaulipas was cited as the district with the highest kidnapping rate per 100,000 inhabitants (21,05), about 18 times the national rate, given as 1.19.

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