domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Dozen shot around Mexico, police find "drug graves" in Juárez

Seven were shot dead around the Pacific-coast resort of Acapulco on 21 February, while authorities discovered five "drug graves" in northern Mexico that initially yielded at least three corpses. The graves were found following the 18 February arrests of seven suspected gangsters thought involved in local crimes including extortion, kidnappings and murder, media reported. The dead in Acapulco were shot in different incidents that day, which injured one person, Milenio reported on 22 February. The drug graves were found outside Juárez in the state of Chihuahua, apparently for revelations made by the seven detainees, Proceso reported on 19 February. Authorities are to send 500 troops to the Juárez area in response to a recent rise in violent crime, Proceso reported on 20 February. Authorities were looking for more drug graves in the western state of Jalisco, following the shooting death on 18 February of a man identified as a cartel chief in Puerto Vallarta. The man, identified as El comander or El Chispa, a head of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, died after a 10-hour standoff with state forces. A soldier died in that operation, Proceso reported on 20 February. The graves if found, were expected to reveal some of the gang's suspected victims. In separate incidents, two men were shot dead on 19 or 20 February in Chapala outside Guadalajara, two were shot dead in Técamac outside the capital, and a policeman was killed in Zihuatanejo in western Mexico during an operation to rescue a 22 year-old who had been kidnapped on 5 February.

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