lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Guerrilla captain held in Colombia, camp destroyed

Colombian forces caught in recent days a captain of the Marxist National Liberation Army (ELN) who had fixed a satellite dish on his hideout to watch the World Cup, after a tip-off, media reported on 15 June. The detained, a guerrilla dubbed El Mocho Elkin and presumed head of the ELN's Luis José Solan Sepúlveda Front, had discarded the ELN's security protocols and put a dish on his hideout, described as "a comfortable house in spite of being in the forest" in Morales in Bolívar. The dish "attracted attention," though police only began to investigate the house after being tipped off by one of El Mocho's soldiers, Bogotá's Radio Santa Fe reported. He told authorities El Mocho irritated subordinates by telling them to bring food, drink, "women...and fine liquors" for him to enjoy through the World Cup period. Separately, the National Police chief Rodolfo Palomino rectified on 15 June the identity of a captain of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reported as killed a day earlier, and said forces had shot his chief security aide instead. General Palomino said tests identified the victim as the fighter dubbed Óscar Pino, head of security for the front commander Román Ruiz initially thought killed. Colombian troops were also reported to have destroyed a FARC camp in the district of Tarazá, run by the FARC's Front 18. The camp was "abandoned three days" before but may have been mined or booby-trapped as explosives were defused, El Colombiano reported on 16 June.

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