lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Chief housing officer becomes Bogotá's acting mayoress

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos appointed a new acting mayor for the capital Bogotá on 21 April, María Mercedes Maldonado, to replace Rafael Pardo and until mayoral elections were held. The appointment followed the recent sacking of mayor Gustavo Petro by the State Inspectorate, for irregularities in his reforms to the city trash-collection system. Mr Santos told the press in Bogotá that he appointed Ms Maldonado, hitherto head of the city's housing office, as she had served in Petro's administration, was familiar with its policies and qualified, La Nación reported. It cited her qualifications as including a PhD in city planning from Paris University. The former mayor had meanwhile not exhausted his legal challenges to his dismissal and his return to office remained possible, and even probable according a political ally, the Senator-elect for the Green Party, Antonio Navarro Wolff. Mr Navarro was reported as saying that "María Mercedes is a highly qualified, very serious woman who can play an outstanding role" as acting mayoress, "that is if Mayor Petro does not return beforehand with cautionary measures" in his favour, RCN La Radio reported on 21 April.

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