miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

FARC kill four Colombian soldiers, guerrillas "desert"

The Colombian Minister of Defence denounced on 11 March as barbaric and a violation of international laws an ambush by the communist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that killed four soldiers and injured four civilians. The guerrillas, reportedly dressed as road ministry employees, shot the soldiers on 10 March as they guarded a bridge on the river San Pedro in the district of Montañita. Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón described the attack as unacceptable and a violation of international human rights laws, El Espectador reported. The Army separately reported several guerrilla desertions on 11 March. Three FARC fighters surrendered to troops at an unspecified time in the departments of Guaviare and Meta in south-central Colombia, the Army reported on 11 March, while a fighter of the National Liberation Army was also reported to have surrendered in the north-western district of Quibdó. Another FARC guerrilla fled his company in the northern department of César, after saying he needed to go to the toilet, the Army reported on 11 March. The guerrilla later told troops he had been forcibly recruited into the FARC 33 months previously, when he was aged 18. In the northern district of San Pablo, troops captured a female suspect identified as a 28-year FARC veteran and field captain dubbed Johana or La ÑoñoRadio Santa Fe reported on 11 March.

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