sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Government opponents and supporters marching in Venezuela

Opponents and supporters of Venezuela's socialist government were to march in the capital and other cities on 22 March, with opponents announcing their march as a peaceful act of protest for freedom and against the arrests of several opposition politicians. Opposition protesters were to start at five points in the capital and converge before the offices of the Organization of American States, the broadcaster Globovisión reported. Pro-government students were also marching that day, in particular to denounce attacks against universities and specifically a recent, destructive attack on the campus of the Armed Forces University in the western city of San Cristóbal. It was not yet clear how many people were participating in the marches, but media were beginning to show pictures of large crowds in cities like Maracaibo. President Nicolás Maduro said a day earlier that the student march was "justified" for the damage done to the San Cristóbal campus, but qualified opposition protests as "vandalism." He asked "is this a protest," referring to damage done to the San Cristóbal campus? "This is fascism and vandalism, we have to repudiate it in the street and work, work, work so the revolution is eternal," El Nacional cited him as saying in Caracas. He accused "fascist destroyers" of burning 5,000 trees throughout the protests that began in early February. Separately, the newspaper El Universal published on 22 March an interactive map of the 29 confirmed victims of the protests, with names and places of death; El Nacional cited Reuters agency as putting the death toll so far at 33.

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