domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Colombians begin voting in parliamentary elections

Colombians began voting on 9 March in elections for 102 Senators and 166 members of their House of Representatives, who would serve a four-year term. One of the first to vote was President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, accompanied by his wife and three children, casting his vote at 08:14 near the presidential palace in Bogotá's historic district. He then urged Colombians to vote to "strengthen democracy" in the country, El Colombiano reported. "I have just exercised my right and done my duty to vote, because the vote is a right we Colombians have, and a duty. I call on all Colombians to come out and vote and for voting to be quiet and normal. Let everyone vote for whomever they want," the presidential website cited Mr. Santos as saying. The Defence Ministry assured the country elections would be held in a safe environment. The Minister, Juan Carlos Pinzón, said 2,773 knives or cutting instruments had been confiscated around the country in the hours before voting and three people were detained early on 9 March for unspecified electoral offences, El Colombiano reported.

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