martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Colombian troops shoot, detain guerrillas, policeman killed

The Colombian army shot dead and captured two guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in different operations, while a FARC bombing killed one policeman and injured eight in Guapi in the department of Cauca. In Tambo in Cauca, troops shot a field captain of the Jacobo Arenas Mobile Column, a 14-year veteran dubbed el Enano or Albeiro, Bogotá's Radio Santa Fe reported on 25 March. The other fighter, a bombmaker dubbed Andrés or Corinto, was caught in the district of Cantagallo in the department of Bolívar, apparently as he was about to bomb unspecified "energy infrastructure." He was described as having joined the FARC in 2002 and sought for his role in bomb attacks on pipelines and an attack in 2010 that killed three soldiers, Radio Santa Fe reported. The attack that killed a policeman was attributed to the FARC's Front 29; suspected guerrillas threw explosives at a patrol after it had intervened in a scuffle between residents, EFE reported. Two policemen and six civilians were injured, and taken to hospital in PopayánEl Colombiano reported on 25 March. The same daily reported another bomb attack on 23 March in the district of Fortul in Arauca, attributed to guerrillas of the National Liberation Army. The assailants threw explosives at police in that attack, causing no injuries though an explosive artefact fell onto the mayor's house.

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