sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

FARC mine kills two soldiers in Colombia, Army maintains weapons ban in Cali

Two Colombian soldiers died on 31 January, reportedly after falling into an area mined by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), while two soldiers were injured in fighting in the area. The two were killed in the northern district of Tierralta where the Army was pursuing operations against the FARC's Front 58, La Vanguardia Liberal reported. A farmer was also reported killed on 31 January or just before after stepping on a mine in the district of Yarumal in Antioquia. Authorities suspected members of the FARC's fronts 18 or 36 to have mined parts of that area, Caracol radio reported on 1 February. In the western city of Cali, the Army declared it would prolong an arms ban that had helped reduce killings in the city in preceding weeks, ending earlier doubts about whether or not the ban would continue. The Third Brigade, which issues arms permits in Cali, stated on 30 January that a ban on carrying firearms in 16 districts or communes of Cali, due to end on 31 January, would continue to 31 May, Cali's El País reported. The daily cited the city's Government Secretary, in charge of security affairs, as saying that the 105 homicides reported in the city in January 2014 were 55 cases or 34 per cent less than in January 2013. The Army and Police were also to continue joint patrols of the city's most dangerous neighbourhoods, a strategy begun some two and a half months before, which also had helped reduce crime, El País reported on 1 February. The patrols had reportedly led to arrests of 35 suspects and confiscation of illegal items. Police also detained on 30 and 31 January 22 suspected drug traffickers in Medellín, in the north-central department of Antioquia, all described as local dealers and said to include students of the University of Antioquia, El Colombiano reported.

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