sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Daily counts cartel killings in Mexico for January 2014

Mexico's Milenio newspaper reported 720 killings "related to organised crime" across Mexico in January 2014, about 10 per cent more than in December, but less than in January 2013. The count was apparently based on its own reporting, and translated into a rate of 24 killings a day. The daily's count of gang and cartel killings for December 2013 was 643, and 956 for January 2013. It presented its latest figures in a map and diagram, which showed the most murderous states in January 2014 to be Chihuahua with 105 murders, Estado de México with 74 killings and Sinaloa with 68 killings. Next came Michoacán, the western state become the setting of fighting between the Caballeros Templarios cartel, troops and self-defence militias, with 59 killings. The lower figure could have been for the increased presence of federal forces as well as patrols and car checks set up by the militias, which were recently given recognition by the Government. The daily counted a single "organised crime" killing in January in seven of the country's states.

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