jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Police hold 13 gang suspects in El Salvador, almost 2,500 killed in 2013

Police in El Salvador detained on the night of 7-8 January 13 suspected members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang suspected alongside 23 other gang members already jailed, of involvement in at least seven murders. The detained were identified as members of a branch of the gang called Cascajera Locos Salvatruchos, operating from a neighbourhood in the district of Santa Tecla outside the capital, San Salvador. They were caught in several parts of the capital and Santa Tecla, while their accomplices were to be charged over the murders in prison, the Salvadorean daily El Mundo reported on 8 January. Police attribute about 80 per cent of all killings in the country to Mara gangsters who often continue to plan crimes or extort money while jailed. The National Police recently counted 10 killings a day on average in the first five days of 2014, which indicated a rise from the average daily figures the country had attained for most of 2013. The largest number of killings occurred in the districts of Apopa and Mejicanos, both north of the capital San Salvador, El Mundo reported on 6 January. The daily gave 2,491 as the total number of homicides nationwide in 2013 (or 2,492 as cited in a later report).

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